About You

MilitaryCarLot.com caters to the world-wide U.S. military community where there is a strong bond of trust, honor, and respect.  This community includes active duty, retirees, guard, reserve, government civilians, all veterans, and the people that support the military by a shared passion for the mission.  A buyer or a seller in this community is generally very comfortable within this community and prefers doing business with each other.  If you are part of this greater military community, MilitaryCarLot.com is your Military Car Lot Online. 

About Us

The drive behind the scenes making this happen is a sincere and unpretentious team of military and non military people who are determined to deliver an awesome online military car lot for the military... a preferred choice.  We are a private initiative, not associated in any way with the DoD.  We are delivering this advertising service to enhance the military community’s quality of life.  Our singular purpose is to help the military community.

What is the Military Car Lot?

Almost every U.S. military base has a used car lot, or resale lot, where members of the military community park their vehicles to sell ... cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, campers, trailers ... any licensed vehicle. The resale lot is popularly called the “Lemon Lot” ... an unofficial, jestful term of endearment.  But these vehicles are not lemons.  The purpose of the "Lemon Lot" is to help the military buy or sell their vehicles within the military community with no hassles, scams, or fraud.  And quickly ... often because of short-notice deployments or orders to move.  The "Lemon Lot" at overseas bases has an even higher demand for trust-worthy, quick sales with no hassles because of the unknowns about the market off base.  Taken together--in the U.S. or overseas--the "Lemon Lot" has been making a popular name for itself at our worldwide U.S. military bases and is an important part of the military family’s life.

Sponsors, Partners, etc.

We are interviewing sponsor candidates to keep this service affordable for the military community.  Our vision for our sponsorship program is to position military-friendly and military-focused businesses to show support of the military community.  In turn, we will help get the word out of your products and services as a “friend of the military”.  A business that sponsors MilitaryCarLot.com will directly support the military community.  And we commit to make you famous for it.

Our Beginning - 2007

The Military Car Lot Online was conceived in the land of the internet in December 2000 and it went live on Veteran’s Day, 11 November 2007.  The initial launch address was LemonLot.com.  This initial release was available in 50 states plus DC as a free offering.  Our goal during our intense design period was to create a revolutionary, powerful, and awesome advertising tool based on a powerful database design that rivals any online automobile advertising service.

Growing Up Quickly - 2008

With great anticipation and excitement, we launched the newest phase with full features to all U.S. military bases, including Europe and Asia.  Our overseas launch date for coincided with our one-year anniversary: Veteran’s Day, 11 November 2008.  This new release was significant.  It delivered 75+ more bases (Asia and Europe).  And the new vehicle ad design had three display packages that offer more options to get more visibility to your ads.  As we started generating revenue from deluxe and premium ad packages and business advertising, we started gaining ground to sustain our operations (which is not cheap) and give back proceeds to the troops.

Playing With The Big Boys ... MilitaryCarLot.com - 2009 - 2010

On our 2nd anniversary -- Veteran’s Day, 11 November 2009, we established our new address at MilitaryCarLot.com.  This new web address is an important strategic move.  Although we will always have LemonLot.com active, the new MilitaryCarLot.com name helps secure a more confortable acceptance in our global used vehicle buyer and seller market that may not know about our nostalgic history of the base Lemon Lot.  Then in the summer of 2010, we released some nice enhancements to make the search process even more user friendly.  You can now view our newest ads with a new flash banner on the home page.  And the search pages have a better base listing feature.  Our main focus in 2010 was to increase viewers through a far-reaching marketing campaign.  And it was a great year!  Mission focused -- to help the military community. 

MilitaryCarLot.com 2.0 and Advertising Partnerships - 2013

As we celebrated our 5th year anniversary, we decided to make a giant leap forward with our next major strategic move.  We reinvented our MilitaryCarLot.com design from the ground up.  Our objective was to position the Military Car Lot to be a competitive force in our market place for the long haul.  After an intense 8 month design period, we launched MilitaryCarLot.com 2.0 on 19 August 2013.

Our 10th Anniversary ... Breaking New Ground and More Records - 2017-2018

This season is especially significant for our team at MilitaryCarLot.com because on Veteran's Day, 11 Nov 17, we CELEBRATED our 10th anniversary of serving our military community.  This is highly significant for us.  Because of each and every one of you, MilitaryCarLot.com has exceeded all of our expectations ... our viewers are up, our listings are up, and our business partners are up.  Our growth has been attributed to one sole factor:  you are selling your cars!  Pure and simple.  We would just like to thank you all for using our advertising service.  We honor YOU for your sacrifice and service ... your families included ... to our great nation and our way of life.  God bless each and every one of you!

In summer 2016 we released MCL 3.0 with leading-edge capabilities and enhancements.  And very soon we will announce a game-changing advertising partnership with an agency in our community that will be very significant for you.  It's not a matter of IF you will sell your vehicle. It's now a matter of how you can find the best buyer within your trusted military network!  Post your vehicle at www.MilitaryCarLot.com and find your trusted buyer with an even larger and secure military network.

Our 14th Anniversary ... We Keep Making New In-Roads - 2020-2021

This 2nd Decade will be special for our team at MilitaryCarLot.com because on Veteran's Day, 11 Nov 21, we CELEBRATED our 14th anniversary of serving our military community.  We are so proud to continue to be part of our military community.  We do this for you!