Blog Articles - December 2012

A Big Thank You from

2012 was a fantastic year for us in which we never could have fathomed the amount of growth that we achieved.  Looking back at the goals that we set for ourselves last January, it is really exciting to see how much we have exceeded each and every one of them.  Admittedly, we worked very hard to accomplish what we did.  However, hard work will only get you so far and then you find yourself at the mercy of the market.  You guys really came through for us.  It is because of you that we were able to grow as we have and we thank you for that!

Be a Hero by Cracking Down on Drunk Driving

Despite it being one of the most unpleasant things to have to talk about, drunk driving affects every single one of us.  Statistically speaking, 1 person is likely to be killed in an alcohol-related crash before I finish writing this article.  Think about how deep that is!  Before the beginning of the new year, hundreds of families will morn the loss of loved ones taken by drunk drivers.  For them, New Year’s will be grim, quiet and marked as a time for sadness in place of celebration.  Unfortunately, people dying due to drunk driving is nothing new.

Driving Safe in Winter Weather: Conquer the Elements!

How many times have you had to drive to work through the snow and ice?  Aside from being merely unpleasant, this is at times incredibly dangerous if not approached with caution.  Having driven to work this morning on roads layered with ice and snow, I feel compelled to offer all of you a friendly reminder of what you should watch out for.

The Triple C Approach to Selling Your Car Faster than Jessie James Can Draw a Six Shooter!

If you’re wondering if it is indeed possible to sell your car faster than Jessie James can sling a six shooter, I might as well be fair and tell you that it is highly unlikely.  Nevertheless, using my infamous Triple C approach for selling a car may truly surprise you.  This approach is best applied to cars that are already in good-overall condition.  The Triple C represents Care, Clean and Carfax.  Let’s jump into it.  I’ll explain it to you so we can sell your car already!

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