Blog Articles - November 2012

A Handy To-Do List to Maximize Your Car Sale Potential

1)   Post as many photos as possible:  It is a known fact that car ads containing at least one photo generally sell faster than ads that lack photos.  The chances of selling your car increase in direct correspondence with the amount of pictures that you include.  To achieve your maximum sales potential, there are five different image profiles that you should include:  Front, left and right sides, rear and interior.

Make a Difference in a Child’s Life this Holiday Season with Toys for Tots

In the lives of children, the holiday season is an important time in which a child is impacted positively or negatively.  This is the time when memories are made. Imagine what it would be like for a child to know only sadness during the holidays?  As the military community, we have a very special and unique opportunity to ensure that the holiday season will be remembered as a time of jubilation and celebration to underprivileged children across the world! Dating all the way back to 1947, the Toys for Tots Foundation has been bringing joy to children every christmas season.

Using MILES to Get a Great Auto Loan: Overcome Low Credit!

It’s no secret that buying a car costs $$$.  We’re talking an amount of green that many of us don’t have in the piggy bank either.  When it’s time to find a car, it’s likely the time to find a loan.  If you’re looking to find a car that’s not a $500 beater, going the loan route just might be the only option for you.  If you have never gone through the process of getting a loan, it’s not impossible but you’ve got to be careful.

Teens Dying in Car Crashes: How to Prevent Your Teen Driver from Making the Headlines

Auto accidents are never expected.  It’s almost as if the notion of even being involved in an accident exists in someone else’s universe.  And yet when it happens, when it affects you, it will rock your world.  All throughout 2012, I have had to hear the news of how yet another teenager was killed in a car accident.  Very recently, 3 teen girls from my community were killed in a car accident.  I’ve personally known young people killed in car accidents and it is so heart breaking to see a life end when there was so much that had yet to be lived.

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