Blog Articles - December 2011

Military Car Lot Reaches out to Hope for the Warriors

I hope that everyone’s holiday season has been great so far as we are approaching the New Year!  I would also like to mention that Military Car Lot has begun contributing to a wonderful organization called Hope for the Warriors.  Hope for the Warriors is a non-profit organization that caters to the needs of our fellow military members that have sustained injury in combat and even the families of those having paid the ultimate price, a sacrificed life for the sake of our freedom as Americans.

So what is a Military Car Resale Lot and what do I do with it?

How many times have you thought about stopping by the car resale lot on base just to see what’s fresh?  The military car resale lot is unique in the fact that it showcases everything from civics, mini vans, beaters or even that sharp Mazda sitting next to a random sailboat. I’ll admit it, it is always fun to stop by and look at the cars that you could never afford, the white Ducati you’ve been dreaming of, that 1985 RV parked in the corner, or the sleek black convertible that someone just has to let go.  But all too often, the car that would really suit your needs is nowhere to be found!

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