Blog Articles - January 2012

Using Carfax to Help Decide if You Should Buy a Car: Is it Worth It?

When buying a car, our instincts beckon us to be absolutely sure of what we are getting ourselves into.  We ask questions such as:  Are there any problems with the car?  Has it ever been in an accident?  Has it been well cared for and carefully maintained?  Of course when dealing with sellers, it can sometimes be difficult to assess the degree of truth behind the state of the car.

It’s Electrifying!: Zipping Around Town With an Electric Car

In a previous blog, I wrote about the benefits of driving a hybrid car.  But what if you decide to take it to the extreme by purchasing an electric car?  When I think about cars that can plug in to outlets, I resort to endless thoughts of skepticism.  How far can you go on a charge?  How long does it take to charge the battery?  And so on…. In the past few years, electric cars have gone from exclusive displays in auto shows to the roads.

Final Things to Do Before Selling Your Car to Make a Quick Sale

The chances of selling a car are greatly improved by running through a simple check list of final things to do before selling your car.  Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer.  What are the things that you would expect in a car?  To start, a messy car makes for an uncertain buyer.  Use the last moments you have with your car to give her some TLC!  To a buyer, the cleanliness of a car is an indication that the car has been well cared for.

Preparing a Car for Winter Weather

As we plunge into the winter season, the threat of driving in hazardous road conditions is becoming more of a concern for people living in colder climates.  Driving on icy roads always comes with a number of inherent risks.  While you’re on the road, having some basic supplies handy can bail you out of some tough situations.  For example, having a container of a sand-salt mixture can give your tires the traction needed to get you out of that pesky snowbank that came out of nowhere!

Protect Yourself from Scammers Selling Used Cars

We’ve all heard about these creeps: Scammers!  But sometimes, we tend to shelve them into the back of our minds.  Why?  Because we can’t put a face to them, something so arbitrary and unseen can often be hard to take seriously.  If we should be deceived and choose to engage them, we put ourselves at serious risk.  We are most particularly vulnerable when we are trying to buy something over the internet.  Scammers selling used cars can sometimes be very believable when they have something to offer that we need.

Recycle your Car or Go Green with a Hybrid to Benefit the Environment and You

For the past several years, more and more concern has been developing regarding the health of mother earth.  We frequently hear about the catastrophic consequences of the toxic byproducts of human civilization that are paining the terrestrial realm in which we live.  Environmental awareness is placing more recycle bins in homes, increasing the use of reusable grocery bags and perpetuating the rapid expansion of conservation efforts world-wide.  A few years back, I remember scratching my head as a Honda hybrid purred along the freeway.  What a rare site to see!

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