Blog Articles - September 2013

Almost Done! The Final Step in a Car Sale!

Whether you are on the verge of buying or selling a car, both parties have responsibilities to fulfill before everyone can live happily ever after.  If you have never privately bought or sold a car before, there are a few things that you should be aware of.  Depending on what country, state or even county that you live in, there are going to be certain things required of you to legally complete the sale.  No matter where or who you are, a title transfer is going to be required.  Don't make the mistake of handing someone $3,000 cash and driving off without a signed title.

Sell Your Car Privately to Maximize Your Profit!

Getting a new car (Or at least new to you) is awesome.  You go to the store to buy special soap and wax that you can lavish on your new love and maybe hang a pine tree scent from the rearview mirror.  Many of us have been there.  The dark side to this is that you might still have your old car sitting in the driveway.  You can almost feel it jealously staring at you and its replacement.  Something must be done about this.....  

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