Blog Articles - October 2012

Where to Find the Best Military Discounts on Cars

If I am in the market for buying a car, the first thing my mind gravitates to is DISCOUNTS!  Assuming that you like to save $$$ as much as I do, let’s get started on our journey of sniffing out the sales.  The first step in finding the best military discounts on cars is knowing who offers what.  From what I’ve found thus far, here is a list of the top car manufacturers that have got your back:

What is Worse … Driving Drunk or Texting While Driving?

Drunk drivers are the biggest villains on the road.  About every 48 minutes a drunk driver will kill someone in the US.  Getting behind the wheel while drunk is arguably one of the most selfish things anyone can do while driving.  In 2009, drunk drivers accounted for the devastating statistic of 10,839 deaths.  Since the usage of cellphones is growing more and more common, a new on-road threat has emerged that now rivals the dangers imposed by drunk drivers.

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