Almost Done! The Final Step in a Car Sale!

Whether you are on the verge of buying or selling a car, both parties have responsibilities to fulfill before everyone can live happily ever after.  If you have never privately bought or sold a car before, there are a few things that you should be aware of.  Depending on what country, state or even county that you live in, there are going to be certain things required of you to legally complete the sale.  No matter where or who you are, a title transfer is going to be required.  Don't make the mistake of handing someone $3,000 cash and driving off without a signed title.  By definition, you are driving a car that legally does not belong to you!  There are all kinds of creeps out there that try and take advantage of naive first-time buyers.  So instead, read up on what kind of paper work that you need to do to eliminate any confusion.  Here is a great resource that is state-specific and provides all of the information that you need to know for completing a sale.  For buyers, remember to stay safe when going to a location to examine a car for purchase.  Never underestimate the importance of safety.  If possible, take someone with you.  Having an extra person with you may very well deter a seller from trying to scam you.  Remember, it's easier to fool one person than it is to fool two.  Best of luck with your buying and selling endeavors!